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  • 4/25/2016- Pratt and Powers Water Main has been completed.  Final restoration, hydrant painting and culvert repairs will begin this week.
  • 8/20/2015 – The project bid has been awarded to Randsco Pipeline. The Town is receiving submittals from the contractor. The Construction Schedule will be posted when available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an application fee?

The Water and Sewer Service Application Instruction Sheet does mention that all connection fees must be paid in full before your application is approved and that the fee will be determined by the Town Clerk’s office. However, all application fees will be waived for this project and the Town Clerk’s office will confirm this with you upon application submission.

So I won’t have to pay anything to connect to the public water?

You will be responsible for the installation of your water service from the meter pit up to and inside your home. This responsibility includes hiring a contractor and/or plumber, or doing the work yourself. All costs associated with this task is also your responsibility.

Does my private service need to be inspected and is there an inspection fee?

The work done on your property must be done in accordance with Town of Batavia standards and must be inspected before the trench is backfilled and the water is turned on to your home. There is no inspection fee.

What is a debt service and when must that be paid?

Debt service is what each property contributes to the cost of the total project. This cost is added to your County Tax Bill each year for the term of the loan (38 years).

Will a service be provided to my vacant parcel?

A service will be installed to the front property line of all properties with an existing structure or vacant parcel with an active building permit on file. Future builds that take place after project completion will require the installation of a service line and an application fee will be applicable.

What does the application mean when asking for the Agent Contact Information?

Some property owners hire a third party to manage their private water connection. This third party is the owners agent. If you want a hired contractor to be the main point of contact, place there information in the Agent Contact Information section of the application.

When selecting my service use on the application, do I check Domestic, Fire Service, or Combined?

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The application has a Sewer Service Request section. Does this project include public sewer?

The Water & Sewer Service Application is a general form used by the Town of Batavia for both water and sewer projects. Public sewer will not be installed as part of the Pratt Road Water District and you can check “No” for the “Are you requesting sewer service” question.

Please contact us with any construction concerns & our on-site engineer will get back to you.

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